If you are interested in a pyppy , please don't hesitate to ask us : amaronnas ( AT ) gmail.com

Trudy & Heff

About our puppies:

Our puppies are born and  will live with us in the house, in the middle of our daily routines, so they get used to different sounds, people and other animals. We are happy to be in touch with our puppies, through out their lives.

Our puppies will be  vet checked, eyes examinated and micro shipped. They will be dewormed at least 3 times before leaving us. All the puppies will be registered into the Finnish Kennel Club register.

Our puppies will move to their new homes earliest at an age of 8 weeks .

You cannot reserve a puppy, or choose it by the colour. 

As all my dogs are very active,  and so will  the puppies also be.

That´s why we are looking for active and cooperative homes.

Therefore we won´t sell the puppies for family dogs or playmates to your kids.

All my dogs are fed by raw food ( BARF ) and so will the puppies  be, which will guarantee a good start of life and to try to eliminate different diseases as well.

When interested in our puppies, please, tell me more about You and Your family!

You are welcome to make enquiries! : amaronnas ( AT ) gmail.com